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About G0d:

Looking for astral/spiritual sex friends|I do not roleplay(anymore) For anyone looking for that kind of release, or power(you succubi out there) I'm probably your best bet, rather experienced. Obviously don't want to deal with bullshitters, be the real deal or get blocked. I don't teach. Director Of Media At of the Sex Kitten Games and Love Hina Simdate) Fav Anime: フリクリ Fav Bands:Mindless Self Indulgence/Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson/Nero's Day At Disneyland/Lords of acid/Infected Mushroom/Pink Floyd/Flying Lotus/JimiHendrix/Voltaire/ Had a slave empire of 248 and ended out of tediousness Used to mod at hentaistreaming Used to be a rebel at hentaidreaming Had a fling in forever based where I was mod, and then even admin.. for about a day. So I see we have gone off the deep end, eh? You get a prize, heres the url to my art.